Serge Lecomte “The Living Tree”


Madelon Y. Bolling

“On Hearing Your News”

“The Tree of Heaven Has Lost Its Leaves”

Michael H. Brownstein

“The Depository of Religion”

“Weather, Late Autumn Early Winter”

Wendy Taylor Carlisle


Yuan Changming

“Metamorphosis Points”

Mary Cisper

Kintsugi (a prayer)”

“Watching Border Patrol Drag Tires across the Desert Floor”

Douglas Collura

“Toward a Better Life”

“A T.V. Actress’ Name Appears in Red Channels”

“After the Adventure”

Brittany Crosby


Leisha Douglas

“The Doomsday Clock”

Katherine Fallon



Jessica Goodfellow


“Sentient Cento”

Jade Hancer

“In My Father’s Garden”

Helena Lipstadt

“All by Myself”

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

“annie savage sings me a garden every friday night”

Jessica Mehta

“Prey Better Pray”

Leslie Ann Minot


from “Reading List”: “A Separation,” “Hag-Seed” and “Empty Set”

Stephanie JT Russell

“Group Self-Portrait at the Dying Lake”

Patricia Valdata




Micaela Walley

“Your New Shirts”