Rich Ives



                                                                                                                   Hornet Longhorn
reddish-brown to black, dull golden surface

Pleasure itself is neither admirable nor lowly, yet the honesty of the emotions expressed physically cannot be taken lightly though it may be desirable to be no more satisfied with thyself in this action than another.

antennae stout, black and much shorter than the body of the asset

Speak not in affectation lest it be in humor and in the service of self-mockery that alloweth one to appreciate the place another has arrived at.

elongate legs

Neither is need upon thee to run away from memory or imagination, for neither the past nor the future can truly harm thee. It is the present that contains the pain and the pleasure that distracts thee from thyself, and this soon becomes the past. The future never arrives, but for its brief visit to the present. Anticipation is like guessing at a window’s mood. Be grateful that when the time comes for the weather to change, you will be able to see through it.

the adults can be found on oak branches

Sleep then remains among the attributes of the aging, perhaps more so the greater the age, since they worry not over the quality of their behavior, and though worry is a thing of involvement, a useful thing, it should not be squandered upon the young and careless.

the children bore into the oak and the eucalyptus

Do not be surprised then if the apple tree produces apples of its own sort and not the sort you imagined when you first encountered the seeds.

dry and nearly tropical, Arizona and California can be relied upon to contain the life span

Are not the right and the wrong both short-lived, for we get used to the one and change the other, and often it is that we turn them around and speak of ourselves as virtuous.