Heikki Huotari

Mirror neuron not as yet entangled, I believe
you could do better. Put yourself in my shoes: if the
language that I speak is not a function of the bed I
sleep in then the circular is not the rectilinear
from which the rectilinear has strayed. The armchair
nihilist knows just one word for nothing because
he’s not out in it all day. Time intervals are
reconfigured, some combined and some divided,
some associated arbitrarily with ups and downs. I’ll
hurt whatever hammer hurts the thumb.

If it’s to be a party then let’s pull an engine,
any engine, put it back into the stack and ask and
ask of entropy, Is that your engine, knowing full
well entropy might lie. God lunged at me, I threw a
rock, the rock went through God’s owner’s picture
window, I pled self-defense. I would have died of
definition or not died at all. I won’t be othered! If
potatoes had preceded apples in the popular
imagination, apples might be called potatoes of the
air and, Newton notwithstanding, utilizing body
english we might veer. As long as we have concave
hats for convex heads we’re happy anywhere.