John McKernan



I failed the sand test

I failed to see the light under the shadow

I failed Yesterday

I failed to take the lecture notes on Tomorrow

I failed beyond all reason

Come back I will return the sapphires and the cumquats

I failed even with another’s pencil

I tried hard to fail

I failed even with no one’s help

I failed in spite of myself

I failed to take advantage of my broken rib

I failed to see that fist

If you ever come around here again you will know what the word fail means

I failed to laugh at Death when I was sober

I failed my daughter

I failed my wife

I failed the entire class and gave everyone an A+

I failed again

Here is the road map with the names in English

Do you have a small caliber hand gun for sale cheap

I failed Doctor Why in pursuing How

I failed to whittle a sturdy cane

I failed to remember her name

I failed to whisper

I failed to comprehend the sunset