Rachel Tramonte



Zeldox Zyprexa
Latuda, my love.
Not Tegretol,
not Depakote.

Not you, lithium. You made
the cobblestone streets of Boston
shimmer a chemical glaze.
Latuda, my love

my million bucks
you pinched my hips
twisted me at the waist
burnt off a piece of skin.

You pressed my heart
below my leaden head
pushed it above my seed center
pressed it above my solar plexus.

Latuda, it was you.
Sunovion, by ego or accident
you screwed my heart
back up and in place.


Mindfulness is the new Prozac.
Ketamine is the new mindfulness.

Gay is the new straight.
Trans is the new gay.

Spousal loyalty is the new love.
Lesbian is still lesbian.

Olive oil, avocado oil
coconut oil, ghee.

Love is love.
Riced cauliflower is the new quinoa.

Turmeric is the new chia seed.
Re-imagine this

the word “impactful”
should have never gained speed.

Research is human, tainted by greed.