Woman with nose ring and black cap
Mario Loprete’s “Anya”



Paul David Adkins

“The City of Detroit Speaks after Devil’s Night 30 October, 1984”

Victor Basta

“For You”

“What Love Could Look Like”

Robert Beveridge


Mary Cresswell

“Word Games I.M. Elaine Feinstein”

Marie Davis-Williams

“Radio Priest”

Iris Jamahl Dunkle

“Dark Albums”

“Disaster on the Mountain”

Doris L. Ferleger

“Where I Wore Bells”

Suzanne Frischkorn

“Redding Ridge”


Heikki Huotari

“Free Advice”

“The Perfect Fit”

Frank Jamison

“Heart and Soul”

“The Small Gods of Morning and Fire”

Jessie Janeshek

“Every Woman’s Mending Guide”

Claire Keyes

“Variations in Black and White”

Tricia Knoll

“The Purgatory of the Homebound” 


Laurinda Lind 


John McKernan

“Biographical Sketch”

Patricia L. Meek

“A Dialogue with Georgia O’Keefe III: The Simple Truth of Light” 

Ann Michael

“Come In!”

Juan Mobili

“The Virus”

James Owens

“An Ear for the Uprising of Sap”

Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

“Little Women”

Alison Thompson

“Wounded Pelican”

“Emerald Eye”

“Indigo Valley Eulogy”

Rachel Tramonte