Submission Guidelines

man with black cap and unzipped hoodie
Mario Loprete “Hoodie 2 B-Boy”
  •  We accept submissions in the categories of poetry, short fiction, hybrid genre, lyric essays, book reviews, visual art, and multimedia creations (such as visual poetry collaborations).  We expect to publish issue 12 at the end of December 2021, barring complications due to the misalignments of planets, invasions by commando virus strains, curses exacted for failure to invite Fairy 13 to virtual drinking parties, and other crises.  We remain open to submissions in visual art for this forthcoming issue.
  • The address for submission is glintsubmissions at When submitting, you should identify the genre in your subject line. We accept poetry, fiction, visual art, nonfiction, and hybrid genre submissions. Prose poetry and flash fiction are usually considered with work that is identified as hybrid in nature. Word documents are easier for me to work with during layout; however, if your poem or hybrid piece contains unusual lineation, you may also send a pdf file for me to consult if unusual coding is needed to satisfy your creative vision.
  • If you are submitting multiple items (poems, images, flash fiction), you can list multiple titles in the subject line, shortening the long ones in the subject line. Example: Willie Wordsworth “Tintern Abbey,” “Lucy Gray,” “Strange Fits,” “Fish-Women” Poetry.
  • Please do not submit more than six poems or 25 pages of prose at a time. Visual artists may submit up to six images, but they may also share links to their personal webpages if they want me to consider other options. 
  • You may send submissions in more than one genre. However, you should not send multiple submission batches in a single genre before we have had time to respond to the first batch. 
  • Glint accepts attachments in doc, docx, rtf, odt; jpg or png is preferred for visual submissions. However, multimedia creations are also welcomed (mp3s and video files), and we don’t mind simultaneous submissions so long as we’re notified if work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Please direct submissions to Dr. Brenda Mann Hammack. I will be compiling packets to submitted to readers on the editorial board.  Sonya C. Brown, Glint‘s assistant editor, will continue to serve as primary prose editor. I tend to work most closely with poets, hybrid genre writers and visual artists. We both work with book reviewers. If you are sending a recent publication for possible review, send to Dr. Brenda Mann Hammack; Department of English; Fayetteville State University; 1200 Murchison Road; Fayetteville NC 28301. PDFs are preferred as I can easily share them with individuals who have offered to review for an upcoming issue. You may also contact me if you would like to compose book reviews for the journal.
  • All rights will revert to the creators following publication, though we would like to be acknowledged should the work be reprinted at a later date.
  • We are willing to republish work that has appeared elsewhere, though we usually prefer that the original publication appeared in venues that do not receive wide circulation. For example, if your piece appeared in a student publication or in a print journal that may not be available to a global audience, we may be more likely to agree to reprinting and providing credit to the original publication. If editorial board members strongly recommend publication for a submission, but if your submission is withdrawn prior to the drafting of an acceptance letter, I  may invite you to submit replacements for consideration. I am more likely to do so if the author has followed protocol to contact me about a previous acceptance offer. That being said, we do realize that the pandemic has complicated all our lives. 
  • Glint is an annual publication. We do not receive funding; therefore, we only publish electronically and we can not afford to offer monetary payment. All staff serve on a voluntary basis.  Also, though you may see a number of names listed on the masthead, most of the readers are not involved in the actually construction of the annual issue. As managing editor, I complete all layout, copy-editing, and correspondence with contributors and potential contributors while teaching full time, serving on academic committees, and publishing creative and academic work of my own. I no longer have interns due to Covid-related challenges. Due to these other obligations, I may not be checking the inbox on a daily basis. I do not have a reliable robotic assistant so I hope you will  be patient. 
  • The journal typically publishes in December with status updates being posted on Glint‘s Facebook site as we near the release date.
  • Contributors who do not participate in social media are encouraged to query the editor about publication status.