RC deWinter’s “The Widow’s Cottage”



Meghan Adler


Rudolph Answers a Letter from His Hospice Bed

Sam Ambler

“Out of the Smoke”

“Seven Thunders Sounded”

John Amen

“What I Remember”

Michael Ansara

“Bird Sightings on Bald Head Island”

Bill Burtis

“The Wave”

J. R. Forman

“Dust Bowl Litany of Woody Guthrie”


Lowell Jaeger

“Some Things Pass But Never Come Back”

Evalyn Lee


Peter Leight

“I Don’t Have a Problem with Authority”

DS Maolalai

“In wait upon mallards”

Jason W. McGlone

“All twelve inches of steel”

“I shouldn’t have:”

Celia Meade

“Flowers Can’t Live Without Bees”

Ricardo Moran

“The Holy Ghost Ate the Stars”

Rebecca Patrascu


Alexis Quinlan

“Parable of Talents”


Lois Roma-Deeley

“Spell Bound”

Jeanne Shannon


Alan Soldofsky

“Museum of Natural Light”

Marc Tretin

“Justin Complains to Thoth, the God of Scribes and Tutor to His Daughter”