"Cafe Society Singer" Allen Forrest
“Cafe Society Singer”
Allen Forrest


Samir Atassi

“Night of Power”

Kimberly L. Becker


Denise Bickford


Jennifer Burd

“When My Mother”

Joan Colby

“Silk Poem III”

“Silk Poem IV”

Kelsey Dean

“Little Red”

Nick DePascal

“Girl I Have Known (i)” 

“Girls I Have Known (ii)”

“Conscious Uncoupling”

Colin Dodds

“Spill-O’s Empty Bed”

“Spill-O on Christmas, Midnight”

“Spill-O, Out on the Town”

Carol Dorf

“Air (An Unnatural Marriage between Natalie Barney and Gerard Manley Hopkins)”

“Our Nest Together (The Unnatural Marriage of Christina Rossetti and Oscar Wilde) 

Kika Dorsey

“Los Gatos”

Kevin Dublin

“Not Kissing You”

“Growing Up Sheltered”

Kelly DuMar

“This Weight”

Trina Gaynon


D.E. Kern

“The Music of Another Place”

Kim Peter Kovac

“My God”

M.L. Lyons

“Tales of the Tangram”

Richard King Perkins II

“Versions of the Truth”

Julie Poitras Santos

“Baronstown West Man”

Nic Sebastian

“paint me a home in thick oils”

Amie Sharp

“Picasso’s Old Guitarist”