Dianalee Velie




We dry the quaint ceramic cups,
wash the aluminum espresso pot,
semplice, simple, piccolo tasks
heralding in la bellisima aura,
this magnificent dawning of day.

Ascolti, listen in the silence
to the rooster welcoming
il azzuro cielo, the radiant
blue sky. Andiamo, andiamo
he calls, let’s go, let’s go.

Ci conosciamo, let’s get to know
each other here in the olive groves
under il sole potente, the powerful
sun, converting all of Cortona
into a chiesa sensuale, a church

of sensuality, where desidero,
I desire, manifests as a daily
prayer, an affascinate, fascinating
way to love God and the ever
present, approving Madonna.

Stroll down cobblestone paths,
passeggiata, per favore,
witnessing the fragrant sights,
amore everywhere, especially
in the marriage of tomato and basil,

abundantly grown everywhere,
that when paired with mozzerella
sings out mangiamo, mangiamo,
let’s eat, let’s eat: holy communion
under a magical Tuscan sky.