Sarah Katharina Kayß "Oxford, UK"
Sarah Katharina Kayß “Oxford, UK”


Patricia Brody

“Bather in the Woods/Pissarro”

Mircea Cărtărescu  (Trans. Adam J. Sorkin and Cristina Hanganu-Bresch)

“The Girl with Socks of Diamonds”

Emily Dhatt


“Word for Unfamiliarity with One’s Own Body”

Kika Dorsey

“Holy Water”

M. Brett Gaffney

“Butterfly Girl”

Tricia Knoll

“California Sycamore”

Daniel Moore


Leslie Philibert


Julian Randall


“And I Wasn’t Planning to Live Very Long Anyway”

Daniel Riddle Rodriguez

“Cynical Ode”

Kryssa Schemmerling

“The Language of Flowers”

“Two Photographs by Lady Clementina Hawarden (c. 1857)”

Julia Schwartz


“In Memoriam”

Domenic J. Scopa

“Swimming Pool”

Andy Stallings


Danielle Susi

“Ashes in a Lake”

“It Was Me, I Was the Snake”

James Valvis

“Your Mother Wants It”

Dianalee Velie