Visual Art


Mark Wyatt “Bombay, India”


Jevin Lee Albuquerque

“Holy River”

Patricia Brody

“Knowing I Could Travel Both”

Douglas G. Campbell


Kelsey Dean

“Cat sits calmly on sidewalk during lull in foot traffic” 

“People provide food and makeshift homes, turning empty lots to cat havens”

“Cat perches on a ledge along busy Istiklal Street”

“Two puppies consider the crumbling of Topkapi palace”

“Dogs enjoy leftover bones outside cinema” 

Michelle Disler

“Goldi and The Locks Plus One”

Cheryl Gross and Marta Wapiennik

“Marta 59: If these walls could talk”

“Marta 91: The Walled Rabbit”

Sarah Katharina Kayß

“London, UK” (graffiti by Squiddy Johnson and Nathan Bower)

“Oxford, UK”

“Potsdam, Germany”

“Potsdam, Germany”

Fabrice Poussin

“The Blues”

Victor Gabriel Sanchez

“Teddy Bear”

Mark Wyatt

“Bombay, India” (above)

“Cairo, Egypt, 1980”

“NYC, 2015”

“San Francisco, 2013”

“San Francisco, 2014”

“San Francisco, 2015”

Susan Yount

“Table Arrangement”