Wang Ping “Blue Wushan, Three Gorges”


Lana Bella

“Dear Suki: Number Seventeen

“Dear Suki: Number Twelve” 

Diane DeCillis

“In the Company of Sufferers”

It Could Have Been A Lot Worse” 

Kara Dorris

“Against Renunciation”

“Against Wisdom”

“For My Mother’s Hands”

Iris Jamahl Dunkle

“Ghost Oak” 

Tricia Knoll

“In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico”

Connie Post

“At the Bhuleshwar Market in Mumbai” 

Alafia Nicole Sessions

“Same Kind” 

AJ Urquidi

“VII” from “Still Life of Leaving” 

Lesley Valdes


Jim Zola

“When Uncle Strib Popped His Glass Eye Out”

“Other Ways the World Might End”

“Eugene Believes”

“Other Notions”

“Friday After the End of the World”