Brett Stout “The end result of everything and us”



Derek Berry

“On Affection”

“The Incredulity of Saint Thomas”

Michael Brownstein

“A Teacher Catches the Elevated to Go Home from Work”

Ryan Clark


Joan Colby



Barbara Crooker

“New Orleans”

Fred Dale

“The Good Walk”

Matthew Harrison

“The Blob”

“It Is Pouring Somewhere in the Universe”

John Hicks

Il Postino di Vicenza

Sarah Johnson

“Hurricane on Saturn”

“There Is No Lesson”

Tricia Knoll

“Identifying Tattoos”

John LaPine

“A Poem in Which No One Dies”

Nate Maxson

“Three Swans in One”

Giavanna Munafo

“The Church Is Singing in the Snow”


Suzanne O’Connell

“Sometimes There’s Nothing Better Than a Car Chase on TV”

“Sexual Hygiene”


Gabrielle LeNae Randall

“Minty Full of Grace”

Judith Roney

“When I Am Nine”

“That Bullshit Line, Bone of my bones

Iyana Sky

“Alternate Reality”

Suellen Wedmore

“My Marriage Is the Size of My Marriage”

“A Mind Is Like a Cage Full of Birds”