Visual Art


Gary Van Haas “Salvation 2016”


Patricia Brody

“It Is Snowing on Memory”

Carlos Franco-Ruiz  

“In Your Landfill Days”

 “Muddy Waters”

“Spectral Trash”

Diego Luis

“The Fate of Bo”

“The Other China” 

“Ancient City”

“Polluted Terrace”

“Stone Herd”

Susi Milne

“Crow Goddess”

“Lover Fish” 

Rabia Rana


Brett Stout

“The End Result of Everything and Us”

Gary Van Haas

“Salvation 2016” (above)

Jean Wolff

“Go to the Book”

“Large Button Drawing (#1)”

“Small Dot Bubble Lines”

“White 2 Hole Button Grid”

Christopher Woods

“By the Woods”

“Door, Wells, Maine”

“House of Old Dreams”