Naima Yael Woods




Everything is beautiful here and beautiful here, sticky fingered you, come on in. Come I
have been telling you. Don’t even knock I have been telling you, offal eyed you, little
meatstink. It’s lovely lovely pink lovely orange. Come in I have been saying.

Climb right on up and get under the slip of my armslick, the wet-too-wet of my under.
Don’t you like chocolate toffee don’t you like warm baths don’t you want clean? Even
you, little well-baked gremlin you, need a father. I’m not that but I know where the good
ones sleep.

Have you ever eaten paste freckles? Little creamy milkstuds of glue, just like your eyes I
bet if you came in and let me see I’m always saying. Don’t even knock, just tink a glass
against another and I’ll let the door right open for you right sweet open and it won’t even
knock you over, the door I mean.

I’m always asking, how’s that flippy nailbend, that’s you of course, always how, you
know, and where you know and come in. I’m always calling dark girl, but you don’t come.
I’m always calling, dear bird, always little bones, saying come in, saying come right in.