Jellyfish Crescendo Kelsey Dean
“Jellyfish Crescendo”
Kelsey Dean


Maureen Alsop     



Michele Tracy Berger    

“Jackie’s Feathers of 1982”

“Ode to Shari Belafonte in Her Calvin Klein Jeans”

Joan Colby


“Driving Around”

 “A World of Sadness”

Nandini Dhar

“My Sister and I Dream the Nineteenth Century”

“A Day in the Life of Our Mother”

“What We Were Really Doing”

Morgan Downie

“i got on my knees / and smelled the new linoleum”

Wendy Gist

“Cactus Pad Event Poem”

Jennifer Givhan

“Reabsorption Elegy”

Mary Ann Honaker

“She’ll Fall in Love: A Series”

Rich Ives

“A Coloring Box”

Carlo Matos

“It’s Best Not to Interrupt Her Experiments: a Triptych”

Sarah Page

“Tobiume: The Flying Plum of Dazifu Tenmangu Shrine”

Jeanne Shannon

“Alternative News: and Notes from The Pastel Journal

Pia Taavila-Borsheim

“Haiku Sequence: Night Watch”