Visual Art


Hygiene Is for Hyenas Brett Stout
“Hygiene Is for Hyenas”
Brett Stout


Jevin Lee Albuquerque

“Xhosa Children”

Maureen Alsop


Kelsey Dean

“Sea Dreams”




“Jellyfish Crescendo”

Ira Joel Haber

“Three Notebook Drawings”

“New York City”



Stephanie Klein-Davis


“Jebet and Johnian”


“Marie’s Haitian Kitchen”

“Marcelline and Adieu”

“David Lion FC-Soccer”


Eric Longley

“If One Lets Go”

“Vanitas Series”

Victor Gabriel Sanchez

“Opposites Attract”

“Family Support”

“Hoover Bridge”

Brett Stout

“View from a Huffy”

“The 14 Gauge Hydration Machine”

“The Abrasive Adventures of Nuts and Bolts”

“Hygiene Is For Hyenas”

“When Novels Get High on Fire”

Taylor Venable

“Whimsy Owl”


“The Stare of Wisdom”

Jeff Weatherford

“Caressing Blue Waves”

“Mr. Johnson’s Lesson”

“Digital Self-Portrait”

“The Eye of the Universe”

“Enter the Enternet”