Visual Art




Brian Michael Barbeito

“Factory Hopper” (above)

“Color Under Blue”

“Gemini, Birth Time Unknown”

Michelle Brooks

“Hangover’s Lounge”

William C. Crawford

“Ancient Ceiling”

Wang Ping

“Wushan, Badong, Three Gorges”

“Before the Demolition, Wu Xi, China”

“Blue Wushan, Three Gorges”

“Fishwoman at Sanjiagang Village, Mouth of the Yangtze, Shanghai”

Fariel Shafee


Jamie Wilson

“Cigarette Break in the Alley”

“Coffee Shop in Melbourne”

“Graffiti Art in the Melbourne Laneways”

“Graffiti Laneways Visit”

Bill Wolak

“The Ghost of Unexpected Arousal”