Elinora Westfall





when he looks at her now
he finds she is hard to see.

but he hears her just fine
even though he asks again “who?”  — for clarification? Or because his only reference is what he’s seen on
(this narrow life has no room for maneuvre.)

but he doesn’t get it. doesn’t understand
because it’s a woman’s name she says again — it’s a woman who she
his wife
flirted with when autumn came and the leaves began to fall and he was planning bonfires whilst his wife burned up in bed (over, over, over)
legs spread, a woman between her thighs, and
all he can think of to say next is “does it even count?” and “what do you even do in bed anyway?”
because that’s what you say
when your wife comes out gay

but three years on and it’s ok
this picture-book re-written so his wife’s not gay
and christmas comes, and new year’s eve
and they sign cards all together to prove she didn’t leave.