Rabia Rana “Dante”



Ryan Clinesmith

“After Mother Dies”

Will Cordeiro

“Weather Factory”

Ava Hoffmann

“shorter lapidary fragments”

“for the treatment of labyrinths”

“herbal prose fragments”

J.I. Kleinberg

“And If the Terns”


ali lanzetta

“the thanks-for-the-lift list”

“the paper soapbox”

“hanging from the sky”

“notes preceding a new rhapsodic broadcast”

John LaPine


Stacey Mann

“34 Odes to Warsan Shire”

Nate Maxson

“The Murder Mystery (with Commentary on Genesis 2:23)”

Nicolette Reim


Cindy Rinne


“Various Births V”

“Sunset/Rock Eclipse”