Kelly DuMar’s “Milkweed Wash”


Carolyn Adams


Jacob Butlett

“Ars Poetica”
“The Shit I Thought to Comfort Myself”
“The Poet Imagines Himself as a Dying Man Walking Through the Graveyard Grandma Dee Was Buried In”

Abby Caplin

“Murder of a Flea”

Stephen Cramer

“Never Be” 

Mary Davini


Susan H. Evans

“In the Palms of Her Hands, She Grasps the Heavens”

C. John Graham

“The Mountains Are on Fire, and the People Are Afraid”

Carol Graser 

“The House” 

Jacqueline Henry 

“Pink-Eyed Moth”

Stephen Massimilla

“Unseasonable Couplets”

Ted Mc Carthy

“Midweek at Forest Park”
“The Reading Lamp” 

Juan Pablo Mobili 

Fino, Por Favor

Leah Mueller 

“Long Distance”

Iliria Osum


Elinora Westfall

“The Husband” 

Alexa Jane Wolff

“Welder’s Intuition”
“Groundhog’s Grief”
“We Cut Through”